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Do you know of someone or a standout team whose sports achievements should be recognized?

The Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame provides inspiration for future generations.  Nominate a remarkable Fresno County Sports Person or Team today!

​The only restriction on who may submit a nomination is that the nomination must be made by someone other than the nominee or member of the nominated team.

Nominate an Individual

Must have been born in Fresno County OR must have attended school in Fresno County OR must have lived in Fresno County before or during the time the nominee was making a major contribution to athletics for which the nominee is being considered for induction.

May be living or deceased.

Must have reached 30th birthday OR has been retired from competition for at least five years. Nominees over 30 years of age must have completed athletic competition (coaching excepted) before induction can be considered. If athletic competition isn’t completed, more notable accomplishments could still occur thus outdating the Hall of Fame’s records of achievements.

​Must have achieved notable accomplishment at the state, national and/or international level(s). In General Category contributions can be focused just in Fresno County.

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    Nominate a Team

    1. A team is defined as any two (2) or more persons constituting on side in an athletic contest or competition. The team must have played its home competition in Fresno County.
    2. Nominations must be accompanied by supporting material verifying the accomplishments of the team (newspaper articles, programs, scrapbooks, etc.).
    3. The team shall have achieved at the state, national, and/or international level.

    Team Recognition
    The team selected will be honored at the annual awards banquet. Each living member will be presented with a medal (or medallion), and a team picture will be displayed at the annual banquet and in the Hall of Fame.

    Supporting Materials

    After submitting this form, you will be asked to provide supporting materials, such as newspaper clipping, articles, scrapbooks, etc. These materials can be emailed to

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